Shanghai Electric Released SEunicloud Industrial Internet Platform2.0
2020/12/22  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On December 12, Shanghai Electric released SEunicloud2.0, its upgraded Industrial Internet platform, creating another milestone in its commitment towards industrial Internet development.

The iterated SEunicloud has greatly upgraded its capacities in areas of artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI) and creation intelligence (CI).


The newly introduced “Uni-Cloud Intelligence” modular driven by AI and big data is able to display data values and analyze business values for various working scenarios like failure detection and diagnosis, maintenance strategy, product quality monitoring, energy consumption management and manufacturing process optimization. Therefore, it makes industrial intelligence modeling much easier, increases the closed-loop efficiency of industrial data value, and empowers enterprises in forging industrial intelligence systems in an ongoing way.

The “Uni-Cloud Image” BI modular meets the basic needs in data visualization via the efficient visualization tools, intuitive display effects, smart analysis engine and second-level response for massive data. Hence it can provide efficient development tools and templates for a wide range of purposes including production, businesses, maintenance-themed dashboards, display on big screens, POC promotion of products and private deployment systems, enabling visualization roll-out in a short time for enterprises.

What’s more, the embedded visual integrated development environment “Uni-Cloud Tool” allows the platform to offer innovative services in InaaS application, which enhances all types of industrial development scenarios and unleashes potential without employing any code through full-stack panorama data services, business logic layers in building blocks and WYSIWYG multi-screen applications.

In addition to upgraded modular, another highlight is the “Uni-Cloud Flash Connect” that integrates sensors, IoT and data analysis technologies, providing collection and application solutions for all types of industrial energy-consuming appliances. It is low in cost and easy in application, and can be used in managing equipment, energy consumption and production. It can meet needs in smart operation of industrial equipment due to a full coverage of facilities that are outdated or broken, mobile, for temporary management and confidential purposes.

In the future, Shanghai Electric will develop SEunicloud into a hub for data asset storage and configuration, and leverage its scenario and industrial data strengths to offer platform users with smart application solutions featuring intelligent manufacturing, internet-based collaboration, customization and better services in order to speed up the combined online-and-offline development and connect industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain. Shanghai Electric will embrace more diversified business models and innovative applications with an increasingly open mind-set and platform.