"Shanghai Electric Cup" Industrial App Competition Concluded
2020/12/22  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Dec. 12 - This morning, the award ceremony of "Shanghai Electric Cup" Industrial App Competition, and the press conference for SEunicloud Industrial Internet Platform 2.0 were held at Caobao Road Site of Shanghai Electric. Zhang Ying, Vice Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and Huang Ou, Deputy Party Secretary and President of Shanghai Electric, Zhu Zhaokai, Deputy Party Secretary of Shanghai Electric, were present at the ceremony.

In response to the 3-year Action Plan (2020-2022) of “Industrial Internet Empowerment Shanghai” initiative of the municipal government and party committee, and in order to drive the innovation and upgrade of Industrial Internet, and to enhance our capabilities of fused innovation in this sector, Shanghai Electric and Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Workers Union co-launched the "Shanghai Electric Cup" Industrial App Competition in July with the supports of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and the Shanghai Industrial Internet Association. Of the 140 entries from home and abroad, the top three prizes were awarded to 16 projects - ten from Shanghai Electric and six from other companies.

Zhang said in her speech, in the new round of technical revolution and industrial transformation, the thriving “online new economy and digital infrastructures” resented by Industrial Internet played an increasingly import role in supporting post-pandemic economic recovery, building high-quality industry and supply chains, and enabling the digital transformation of cities. As the leader in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, Shanghai Electric focused on digital transformation at the group level in sectors like Smart Energy, Intelligent Manufacturing, Smart Transportation and Smart City. Many experiments were carried out on intelligent manufacturing, "as-service” and online coordination, and they were already showing results. She hoped Shanghai Electric could build on the existing strength to explore innovative ways of manufacturing, and make breaking-throughs in cloud design and cloud manufacturing sectors. In this way, a complete digital twin system of design-manufacturing-service could be created to maximize the synergy of digitalization and informatization for higher productivity. Meanwhile, Shanghai Electric, as the leader in digital transformation, should leverage its innovation strength to invest in industrial intelligent algorithms, industrial mechanism models and industrial knowledge graph to evolve from individual intelligence to swarm intelligence, and reinforce emphases on secure, trustworthy software and hardware to eliminate possible constraints. In addition, Shanghai Electric must maximize the abundant resources of electrics industry and the strength of SEunicloud Platform to turn expected advantages into real momentum, and bring up more innovators. SEunicloud should be a benchmark of Shanghai’s Industrial Internet platforms, and a role model for state-owned enterprises’ digital transformation.

Huang said, from 3D design to industrial app, these competitions marked a “small step” in employee skills, but also a “major step” in talent development. From digital product models to digital business models, this year’s competition, as an important move to accelerate our digital transformation, built a solid foundation for the new ecosystem of Shanghai Electric’s SEunicloud Industrial Internet Platform 2.0, and helped to attract top talents. Meanwhile, the shift from energy equipment to intelligent manufacturing represented a “small step” in our industrial transformation, and a “major step” in business model upgrade. The digital transformation of Shanghai Electric was not only about improving internal efficiency, but also about empowering other enterprises and industries. Just as General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “we must have an in-depth understanding of the novel characteristics and requirements of development in our stage, and focused on real economy to make it resilient, strong and efficient. The upgrade and transformation of traditional industries must be combined with the development of strategic emerging industries. Only in this way could we accelerate the digital, online and intelligent development of manufacturing, and improve the stability and modernization of industry chains and supply chains.” By focusing on SEunicloud Industrial Internet Platform, Shanghai Electric aimed to improve industrial ecosystem, and contribute to the upgrade of smart products, smart manufacturing and smart services.

Shan Dongming, Vice Director of Informatization Promotion Division, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization; Wang Xuqin, Secretary-General of Shanghai Industrial Internet Association; Yang Hong, Vice President of Shanghai Electric; Zhu Bin, Chairman of Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Workers Union; Dong Yijun, Member of Party Committee, and Head of Party Committee Office, Shanghai Electric; and over 100 technical heads of functions, industry group and key enterprises of Shanghai Electric were present.